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Duct Cleaning - Dryer Vent Cleaning

Breathe Easier with Cleaned and Sanitized Air Ducts

Before and after duct cleaning

What's in your ducts?


Cloud 9 can help remove contaminants and sanitize your air duct system. 


We clean using compressed air, brushes, and vacuums designed to blast, scrub, and suck the contaminants out of your home's air duct system.  Our full service cleaning and sanitizing includes the cleaning the furnace fan and coils with your duct cleaning.

Cloud 9 uses HEPA filtered negative air machines, HEPA filtered contact cleaning machines, and positive air machines to get the job done!

We can also apply an EPA registered biocide fog to your system, at no charge and upon request.

Our easy and transparent pricing is based on the size of your system, not the size of your house. 

  • $30 per duct line from register through trunk line

  • Bundle a dryer vent for only $30

 No hidden fees!  Count your vents and book today!

Sleep Easier with a Clean Dryer Vent
Prevent Dryer Fires!

Dryer vent cleaning as a stand alone appointment is only $130


  • $130 as a stand alone appointment

  • Bundle with duct cleaning for only $30

 No hidden fees!  Count your vents and book today!

before and after dryer vent cleaning

Dryer fires are a leading cause of house fires in the U.S.!  Have your dryer duct cleaned annually to remove air clogging lint build-up that causes dryers to overheat.  A clear dryer vent will help dry clothes faster too!

Dirty return duct
Clean return duct
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