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Tigard's Natural, Safe, and Effective
Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Tigard Natural Carpet Cleaning Solution
Clean Carpets Like Rain and Sea Water
Clean the Earth!

Cloud 9 uses a natural carpet cleaning solution that is non-toxic, very safe, and extremely effective!  The proprietary ingredients consists of natural minerals, including oxygen, and natural salt minerals. It cleans using the same minerals that rain and seawater use to clean with...just multiplied many times for efficacy.


This unique cleaning solution cleans carpets with the same effectiveness that rain and sea water cleanse the earth, but with no VOCs or harsh chemicals.  Our carpet cleaning solution is as safe as salt water, so it's safe for your babies and pets or those with sensitivities to cleaning chemicals.  We use this as our primary carpet and upholstery cleaning solution in Portland.

The best part of our carpet and upholstery cleaning solution is that it's incredibly effective!  With natural oxidizing and encapsulation properties, cleaning dirty soiled carpets, treating pet stains, and cleaning soils and oils from your carpet and upholstery is done without harmful VOCs or polymers found in other cleaning solutions. 


Cloud 9's cleaning solution simply cleans/strips the fibers of dirt and grease without hurting the fiber's stain guard, and the most unique thing about it is how it will not let that dirt and grease reattach to the fibers... therefore giving you the ability to more effectively vacuum soiling after cleaning.

If you've been looking for a safe and natural alternative to harsh cleaning chemicals in Tigard, you've found it!

Don't Get Soaked! 

With Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning, Carpets Usually Dry In 1 Hour!

CLOUD9's low-moisture professional carpet cleaning service in Tigard will leave your carpet smelling fresh, feeling soft and looking great!

Dry time is 1 to 3 hours!

Low-moisture means that we let the super effective, safe and natural carpet cleaning solution and agitation do the work allowing you to get back to the important things in your day.  Don't get Soaked!

We believe in the power of citrus and minerals!

Our non-toxic, safe, professional carpet cleaning solution breaks down soils and oils and won't leave a sticky or soapy residue.  Carpets dry feeling soft and smelling fresh!


Because our cleaning solution and carpet protector work so well to preserve your carpet fibers, periodic cleanings will actually prolong the life of your carpet. 

What's in your sofa?
Cloud 9 Upholstery Cleaning removes soils and oils for fresh results!

Tigard Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning in Tigard

The best way to keep your upholstery looking great and wearing in well is to get it cleaned periodically. Our gentle, natural cleaning solution combined with our upholstery extraction will leave your furniture looking great and smelling fresh. Rejuvenate your furniture today!


-Easy Alert-

Simply text or email pictures of your upholstery and we'll give you a quote and schedule options!

Tigard Commercial office cleaning
Tigard Carpet Cleaning Family
Tigard Pet Stain Removal

Pet Spots?  No Problem!

Cloud 9's cleaning solutions work great at removing pet spots and odors.   We use pet safe products that are healthier for your whole family, even your pets.  Pet stain cleaning can be difficult.  We can help!  

-Office Carpet Cleaning

-High-Rise Carpet Cleaning

-Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Cloud 9's low-moisture carpet cleaning is portable enough to clean hard-to-reach areas in Tigard like high-rise condos and office buildings.  Our commercial cleaning is secure because all equipment can be brought into the facility and doors can be locked while cleaning.  

Reduced downtime, secure operation, low-moisture cleaning, and safe cleaning products makes Cloud 9's commercial carpet cleaning a great option for most businesses in Tigard. 

We also offer the highest quality portable Gold Seal Certified hot water extraction carpet cleaning in Tigard, when needed.  

Tigard Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Safe, Secure, Reduced Downtime

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