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Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum!

Carpet experts all agree that 74% to 79% of all soiling in carpets is dry (insoluable) and should be removed with dry extraction (vacuuming, commercial vacuuming, pile brushing) prior to getting a carpet wet. This dry soiling can wear down your carpet fibers and dramatically reduce the life of your carpet. It looks bad, sometimes smells bad and can leave your sock looking dirty.

Solution: vacuum, vacuum, vacuum! This is my number 1 piece of advice to customers who ask what they can do to keep their carpets cleaner between cleanings. I also recommend having a carpet protection applied after carpet cleaning. The carpet protector won't cause wine or juice spills to bead up and magically wipe away leaving no trace. But carpet protector will aid in keeping the insoluable soiling loose so it can be more easily removed with regular vacuuming.

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