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Carpet Protector, the real story.

Carpet protector sometimes gets a bad reputation due to the misconception that your carpets will soil faster when carpet protector is applied. I know that some people have actually experienced this, so I'm not saying that it doesn't happen. The real story, however, is that the fault doesn't lie with the carpet protector, but the cleaning solution that was used before the protector was applied. You see, when a high PH carpet cleaning solution or detergent is used to clean your carpet and it isn't either rinsed thourougly and or neutralized somehow, it will attract low PH soiling more quickly, regardless of the carpet portector being applied. This is why it is important to know that the carpet cleaning service you are using has a good understanding of the products that they are using and the residual affects of those products. High PH cleaners and detergents do a great job at removing low PH soiling but the problem is that alot of companies will use these types of cleaners to make your carpets look good for a short while but they won't invest the time or product into your job to make them look good longer. Neutralizing the celaner can add another step to the cleaning process and this is why many companies don't do it.

At Cloud 9, we use a nearly neutural PH, citrus based cleaner to begin with so our carpets stay cleaner longer than many other companies. When we apply carpet protector, it work as it's supposed to work. Carpet protector helps your carpets stay cleaner longer with regular maintenance vacuuming.

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