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Winter Window Washing is a Better Deal

It's a very common misconception that it's not a good idea to wash your windows during the rainy season because they'll get spotted by the rain. The reality is that our northwest rain doesn't spot clean windows, it only spots dirty windows.

The exterior of your windows usually become soiled by particulates in the air like dust and pollen or minerals and chemicals in your ground water supply. When rain water hits windows that have a light film of dust or pollen, the rain drops separate the soiling into the shape of the droplet that hits it. This creates the appearance of dirty rain droplets spotting your windows.

In fact, the rainy season in the northwest is a great time to have your windows cleaned because the rain helps to reduce airborne dust and pollen so there are fewer particulates in the air to soil your windows. Also, you are less likely to water your lawns or spray your siding with a hose in the winter so spotting from your groundwater becomes less of an issue. The end result is that if you wash your windows during the rainy season, they should stay cleaner, longer than if you waited until the ground dries up.

The best window washing deals from Cloud9 can be had during the rainy season. When our carpet and upholstery cleaning slows down in the winter, we have more availability to wash windows so we provide better incentives. Give us a call or send us an email to see what Cloud 9 can do for you!


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